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A Prophetic word by Christian International Prophetic Team Ministry.   "This is an exhortation but this is also  a prophetic word to you as a couple.

 “The Father says that you have wondered here, there, yonder and around and have been to places that you have not felt accepted because of the depths of what He has put within you.

 He says from this day forward, it is also a new beginning for you. You are not to look for the adulation or the approval of man.

You have studied to show yourself approved unto me and I am leading you by the way that you should go and the way that your going is going to look contrary to the minds of man but it is of me.

It is well that you studied it is well that you have taken these leaps of faith because it is of me and now you have postured yourself in a place where I can bless you according to my own Mantle.

So this is a new day He wants you to know that you are not weird people  that you have heard the Masters voice and the things that are deep within your spirit He will bring to a strong maturity so He says get ready hang on I am leading you and your hour of release is at hand.

The church in America needs to hear what’s within your spirit."

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